What is
Better Work Ventures?

We're a start studio! And startup studios work with founders to build their companies from the ground up. Like, idea stage on.

At Better Work Ventures, we build community-driven tech companies with overlooked founders.

We're a dream swiss-army knife co-founding team, that will work with you to validate your idea, build the MVP, and take your startup to market. It's never too early to talk to us!

We created Better Work Ventures because traditional venture capital isn't the best path for everyone.

Our team is dedicated to supporting goal-oriented founders with strong vision, passion, grit, and a deep desire to build something that makes the world a better place.

Work with us
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What We Believe

We partner with the overlooked founders to build community-driven tech companies. What does this mean?

The Studio Team

Our team works side-by-side with you as co-founders to ideate, validate, build, and launch your startup in 12 months. Together, we build better. Here's what you get:

1. An Experienced Team

Everyone on our team has worked in a startup. We're founders, product managers, designers, and engineers that can help you validate and launch your MVP.

2. The Right Partners

With Better Work, you get unique access to a network of corporate, startups partners, and investors. This is your unfair advantage for growth and revenue.

3. Seed Funding Included

Our studio provides the initial capital to get you to launch. After that, we'll lead or co-lead your pre-seed and institutional seed funding rounds.


Our studio provides founders with funding and terms that let you hit the ground running.

We provide a studio investment and a 12-week program to validate your idea.
After validation, we make a pre-seed investment and 12 months of hands-on support from the Studio Team.
Founder owns majority equity. Better Work Ventures takes co-founding equity.
If milestones are hit, Better Work Ventures makes a seed investment, alongside our investors and co-investors.
Up to $1.35M in total investment available through Better Work Ventures while in the studio program.
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Wanna work with us? Pitch us!

Pitch your idea to our Studio

If you’ve got an early idea for an amazing consumer startup and haven’t incorporated a company yet, we’d love to hear about it. We’re looking for opportunities at the earliest stages.

What do you want to build?

The Founders

Lynsie Campbell

Nathaniel Minto

Lynsie is a 2x tech founder, author of This Better Work, and a General Partner at The Fund Midwest.

Over the last 15 years, Lynsie has been embedded in early and growth-stage tech companies across industries as a founder, advisor, and investor, driving go-to-market strategy ,operations, sales, and partnerships with a focus on all things culture & customer.

Nathaniel is currently the Founder & CEO of New Ambit, a regulatory guidance platform for telehealth. A product leader with experience across a variety of industries and software companies, he has been guiding teams from idea to launch for over 10 years, successfully bridging the gap from customer need to technical implementation.

He was also the first investor in The Fund Midwest.

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